TGIF hello weekend

Yay, it’s the end of a Friday and the weekend is nearly upon Canberra. It was quite warm today, I think the bureau of meteorology predicted it would get to 35 °C (95 °F).

I was fortunate, I was in a laboratory all day and it was nicely air conditioned.

I’ve already shared a photograph of the hospital but I played around in Adobe Lightroom and enhanced it a little.

The Canberra Hospital Gary Lum

Even though I had a Mavi Special breakfast wrap (bacon, hash brown, fried egg, mushrooms, cheese, barbeque sauce) for breakfast with a coffee in a mug, I still ate a reasonable-sized lunch.

The Canberra Hospital has a staff tuck shop and on, Fridays they usually do a seafood ‘basket’.  It’s so much of a basket, but a plate!

Seafood basket at The Canberra Hospital staff tuck shop Gary Lum

After a busy afternoon, I wasn’t feeling very hungry so I thought I’d go very simple and go meat-free. I decided to cook some corn using a technique that I’ve described elsewhere and on YouTube. You can see I like adding some corn with my butter 😂😋

Meatless Friday butter with sweet corn Gary Lum

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