A lap around Lake Ginninderra

A vigorous walk around Lake Ginninderra

It was surprisingly cool in Canberra this morning. When I went out for a walk I should have worn a long sleeve shirt, it was quite nippy.

I had charged the batteries in my Sony α7ii and had my 24–240 mm f/3.5–f/6.3 lens attached.

High dynamic range

I like shooting brackets when I’m out so I can exploit Adobe Lightroom’s HDR capacity. Some people don’t like HDR especially if it’s too ‘crunchy’. I don’t mind it really.


It was still this morning with a gentle breeze. The surface of the lake was smooth and offered a little reflection opportunity. Yesterday it was quite overcast and there was a moderate breeze.

Final thoughts

Not a bad lap around the lake really. As much as the Canberra weather is uncomfortable, it does make for some nice photography.

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