Public art in Woden

My opinion of public art

If you’d asked me before I moved to Canberra nearly ten years ago what I thought about public art. I’d have said, “…it’s a bloody waste of taxpayers’ money!”

I had no time for art in any form. I’d never really been interested in it.

I have no education in art and I’ve never read anything about art. I’ve certainly not picked up a book about art.

Woden public art in a couple of forms Public art in Woden gary Lum
Woden public art in a couple of forms

Public art in Canberra

The public art in Canberra though grows on you. All you need to do is enter “public art in Canberra” into a search engine and in the image page you’ll see what I mean. The place is replete with so much art work.

I do like “The Fragment” which is the feature in the photograph I’ve shared.

Street art in Canberra

Where I work in Woden, there are a couple of abandoned buildings that are in a state of disrepair. Broken windows, trash, overgrown plants and a reasonable amount of graffiti.

Canberra, like any city has its share of graffiti but it’s not known for it.

This area around Woden has started to get a name for itself and some locals are describing it as Canberra’s ghetto without people.

Final words

I seriously hope someone starts working on these derelict buildings. Canberra is our national capital. Government agencies are situated in neighbouring buildings. We have foreign dignitaries come and visit us in our buildings and they see the mess.

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7 thoughts on “Public art in Woden

  1. garydlum Post author

    Some of the street art can be really good, most of the tagging though seems to be pointless vandalism.

  2. garydlum Post author

    Thanks. I’ve just posted a comment.

  3. Gastradamus

    Its growing on me already Gary, thanks for sharing. Would love your thoughts on eaten an Eskimo. Thank you so much for the like and don’t be a stranger. My blog is booming. If you share your thoughts my other bloggers will be able to see you. I will promote your blog, not to mention make you laugh. Hope to hear from you pal

  4. garydlum Post author

    Okay the flying carbuncle is truly hideous

  5. Martin

    What about Sky Whale? There’s a good investment of taxpayer’s contributions to Rome…

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