Potato scallops and algebra

Potato scallops and algebra? Whose thought of that together?

I hadn’t until tonight. I’ve been in Melbourne today and my flight to Canberra didn’t land until nearly 7 pm. Way past my tea time. I decided I’d go to Jamison Takeaway and get some fish and potato scallops. I asked for one piece of battered fish and two potato scallops.

Battered fish and potato scallops from Jamison Takeaway Gary Lum algebra
Battered fish and potato scallops from Jamison Takeaway

Where’s the algebra come in?

What I received were one piece of battered fish and three potato scallops. This is not uncommon. In my experience in Queensland, the Northern Territory of Australia and the Australian capital Territory (Canberra), where n is the number requested and what you receive is more often than not n + 1. I’ve also noticed that when the request is n≥5, the number of potato scallops may be n + 2.

How many potato scallops can you eat in one sitting?

If you’re wondering have I have asked for 5 or more potato scallops for myself? The answer is yes. I love them.

I prefer them to chips and like them as much as potato gems (tater tots for my US friends). If it wasn’t for the fact they are deep fried I’d eat them every day, they taste so good.

Were you good at algebra?

What were you like at algebra at school? I didn’t mind it. I ended up doing mathematics but not advanced mathematics at school. That’s because I wanted to do physics, chemistry and biology. I also had to do English and Japanese. Given the choice, I would have done advanced mathematics rather than Japanese but my school wouldn’t allow it. I’ve never used any Japanese in my life.

Why do north Americans say math rather than maths?

Why do north Americans say math? It sounds really odd. In Australia, we say we’re doing maths or we’re going to maths class. It’s the science of mathematics. It ends with an s, so maths makes sense to me.



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  1. Two things. First, OMG!!!! I have not heard of a potato scallop, these look positively delicious!!!! Second, yeah. Maths sounds weird. But, it doesn’t matter, I can’t stand numbers. They always seem to do odd things. I even use a calculator when I take my insulin, because I might get the math wrong! 42 carbs divided by 5 is how much???? Geometry is ridiculous. I absolutely could not manage shapes and stuff, but it is used so much in sewing! People ask me if I quilt. Nope. I cannot cut a shape straight even with those pattern layout pads and sharp edges. Even when cooking, I have to use the internet or a calculator or I just give it a good guess. The only good place for numbers is at the bottom of a page in a book!!!!

    1. Haha, I’m not a numbers person but I don’t mind maths.
      The best potato scallops are hand cut and made with fresh batter and fresh oil.

    2. No pressure. It would be interesting to see what you think of the taste and texture.

  2. Maths sounds really weird to us, as it turns out.

    Also, if there is going to be math on the Internet, I’ll take algebra any day. I was excellent at algebra. Geometry seemed all theorems and word problems. I always thought it was a waste, when all we were really trying to do was measure stuff. Why waste all that time talking about how we got there? The point was, we got there and I understood how we did. No need to blather on about it.

    1. I like that I can apply algebra to one of my favourite food items 😃🤣😂

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