My warped and twisted mind

My warped and twisted mind has been thinking about using Pseudomonas koreensis to treat fungal infections. The twist comes in the matrix containing the Pseudomonas koreensis. 

Pseudomonas koreensis My warped and twisted mind Gary Lum
Pseudomonas koreensis

So I should tag this up front as being warped twisted dark humour from a very bizarre biologist.

Not safe for work My warped and twisted mind Gary Lum

Authorising results

I was authorising urine microbiology results the other day and came across a report on a young man who had Pseudomonas koreensis growing in his urine. This particular bacterium was first described in Korea. I’m assuming the Republic of Korea and not the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. It was first isolated from farming soil. Further research has found that this bacterium has antifungal properties too.

I have a warped sense of humour

My warped and twisted mind went to a bizarre place where I imagined patients with topical fungal infections. Infections caused by plant pathogens, viz., Bipolaris, Fusarium, and Alternaria being treated with the urine from patients infected with Pseudomonas koreensis.

A diversion with grated cheese

This thought is in keeping with a joke I make when I see how much natamycin is in grated cheese to keep the mould off. I wonder if I could treat oncology patients with yeast infections by giving them grated cheese.

Truly bizarre

The thought of using urine with Pseudomonas koreensis in it to treat fungal infections gives a whole new meaning to the term “golden shower”. Interestingly Pseudomonas koreensis produces a fluorescent pigment! As we continue along this line of thought, the fungi mentioned above are not uncommon causes of ocular infection. I’ll leave you to think about how those infections could be treated. Squirts in the eye!

Sorry about my warped and twisted mind

It has a tendency to come up with some really odd thoughts.

It’s started to emerge in the artwork I’ve been doing for my podcast, Medical Fun Facts.

Some artwork from my podcast, Medical Fun Facts My warped and twisted mind Gary Lum
Some artwork from my podcast, Medical Fun Facts

Who knows where it will go next!!!

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12 Replies to “My warped and twisted mind”

  1. I laughed out loud when I read this thru my email. Twisted yes, but great fun. And am seriously considering the cheese thing. Does it matter what kind??????

    1. I’m pretty sure any manufacturer that sells grated cheese will add antifungal chemicals to prevent mould from growing.
      Perhaps I don’t want to know where you’re going to put that cheese!

    2. Well, mum does have cancer! She loves cheese. Her favorite at the moment is the hard block of goat cheese!

    3. I doubt her oncologist will approve of the cheese treatment or the urine treatment for that matter!

    4. I do not like her oncologist. She loves him and I am as chopped liver when I attend her appointments. He focuses on stats and hers are absolutely fine.

    5. It’s difficult as a relative and carer. I hope the positive relationship between your Mum and her oncologist helps her get through this.

    6. He says she is fine and should be well by summer. I’m skeptical. Which is why grated cheese sounds so good!

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