Workplace generosity Part II Bacon!

Bacon must be a better gift than chocolate at Easter!

Bacon! Mmm…Last night I wrote about workplace generosity and how I marvelled at how I’ve been blessed working in great environments where people bring in food to share. I didn’t anticipate I’d be writing a piece about workplace generosity so soon, but here is part II.

Home smoked and cured

Today I was visiting some colleagues on another floor and someone mentioned bacon and I was given some vacuum sealed home smoked and cured porcine gold. How good is that?

Home smoked and cured bacon Gary Lum
Home smoked and cured bacon

I love bacon. I can’t imagine life without it. It got me thinking. When I was a teenager and a young adult full of ignorance and arrogance if I heard someone didn’t like this manor from heaven I’d make some sort of snide comment.

Ethical, moral and religious objections

I can appreciate that for some people it may be a problem for ethical, moral or religious reasons that they don’t eat the amazing bounty from a pig. There will even be some people who don’t like the salty smoky goodness.

In a glass half full context, rather than be critical or make fun of such people, I’m grateful, because it means there is more bacon for me.

Shout out to Sarah and Choppy

I’d like to do a shout out to a blogger friend, Sarah who regularly comments on bacon as well as her companions Paul, Choppy and Schooner.

Sarah dresses up Choppy and Schooner and hangs signs from Choppy’s neck and places signs in front of Schooner’s paws. Mainly because Schooner will scratch Sarah if she tries to attach anything physically to Schooner.

What’s the plan for the gift?

So the plan at the moment is to make Mac and Cheese tomorrow night and have the bacon in that. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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4 Replies to “Workplace generosity Part II Bacon!”

  1. First, thank you for the shout out! I’m thrilled we so closely associated with a food that is so amazing.

    Second, I’m looking forward to hearing about this bacon mac & cheese. It sounds like it’s going to be fantastic. But it’s bacon and mac & cheese. I’m pretty sure it has to be good!

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