Easter chocolate! Workplace generosity Part III Chocolate!

Easter chocolate for the win people. Workplace generosity again I hear you exclaim! I know right! Who knew it would be possible that in three days I’d be receiving more food gifts. Forst there was the Portuguese tart and then there was the bacon.  Check out what I did with the bacon tonight in my food blog Yummy Lummy.

Today I got top deck eggs, two chocolate bunnies and an Easter egg.

Easter chocolate goodies. More workplace generosity. Gary Lum
Easter chocolate goodies. More workplace generosity.

Even better, today was a short day. We got to finish work at 3 pm. Now we have a four-day break over Easter. I understand Australia is pretty unique in offering Monday as a public holiday too. In fact, we have an abundance of public holidays. So many of them you have to wonder about the effect of them on our economy. Not that I’m complaining. I love a long weekend.

In my opinion, there are really only two dates we need to observe nationally, they are Australia Day and Anzac Day. I reckon if people want to observe a religious period they should take it off as part of their allocation of recreation leave. I’m not convinced we need a holiday for the Queen’s birthday nor do we have to have a day off for labour day when I’d prefer to work to demonstrate the value of labour. Yeah yeah, I get it, leave a comment about it if you like.

Why do we need a family and community day in Canberra? How bloody stupid is that? It’s as stupid as Canberra day. Rather than these pointless public holidays, I reckon we should have a long weekend every month except April and January. In April, Anzac Day is sacrosanct. It should be observed on the day.

On Australia Day, if someone made a decision to change the date to 1 January, I’d accept that. I know it’s controversial, but it’s easier to make peace than maintain the rage.  I’d arrange January so that either side of 1 January there would be an extra two days off. That way if people want to observe Christmas they can but on their own pay and then everyone can have a multiday celebration of Australia becoming Australia’s federation. When we become a republic, Australia day should incorporate that too and remain on 1 January.

I know these views will be controversial and if I ever become President of Australia, I will campaign on a platform of a long weekend every month except April and three days in January when it’s often a quiet period anyway.

Would you vote for me?


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23 Replies to “Easter chocolate! Workplace generosity Part III Chocolate!”

    1. Thank you very much Clare. I had a very nice weekend. Full of nice food and I got to walk around a lake each day.

  1. Enjoy your days off, Gary 🙂
    Here in Spain it is also holiday from today and included Monday too. In Denmark, where I come from, the Easter started yesterday Thursday and include Monday too, even not many there are religious at all. But extra days off and no one complains.

    1. Wow Irene, I didn’t realise Denmark was so generous.
      You’re right, not many people would complain about extra days off.

    2. Around the year, there are not many days off in Denmark, but in the Easter better.
      Here in Spain, there are many days off all over the year. The economy would get help by changing that, but I’m not politician here, so I just watch, what I see.

    3. I’d like to balance a sense of productivity with a good happy life.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this post!!! It made me smile-Enjoy your treats and holidays (although, I would bet most people, even if they didn’t do Christmas and Easter, would take those days if they had a choice! Days off always win).

    1. It’s true, the vast majority of people wouldn’t say no to a public holiday!

  3. I would certainly vote you for president, Gaz. Don’t agree with Australia Day being 1 January, though. Would prefer it on another day so we can have another public holiday but then again, this is just my opinion…. 😀

    Lucky you got to finish work at 3pm. At my work most days we can finish at 3pm if we start at 7am but today was not one of them for me, lol. But work was generous and I got a massive chocolate Easter egg. Very good chocolate too. Except when I came home I accidentally dropped the big thing on the carpet and crrrackkk :’D

    1. Oh no. A cracked egg. I’m flexible about Australia day but I figure no one will stop the new year’s eve celebrations and for economic productivity, having the following day off makes sense.
      When I’m President, I’ll have a special role for you Mabel.

    2. I also cracked a real egg when I bought a carton of eggs home earlier this week 😀

      Now I am curious as to what role is there for me in your cabinet. Also, if you do become president, make it your mission to get all the best scientists together and find a way to banish freezing weather away from Australia 😀

    3. I hate breaking eggs and having to waste them.
      You will be in charge of literature and cultural education.
      In addition to banishing cold dry weather we will conquer cancer too.

    4. I am honoured to take up such a role in your cabinet, Gaz. Good going. There will be a cure for the common cold too.

      I feel like you already have it all planned in mind how you will run the country when the time comes 😀

    5. I cannot wait for you to tell us all about your plans for world domination. Pretty sure a lot of us are keen on helping you get there 😀

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