Shout out Just Me

Shout out Just Me

I wanted to do a special post to shout out a fellow blogger Just Me.

Just Me’s blog

Just Me blogs at

Who is Just Me?

I’ll shorten Just Me to JM for ease of use. Like a lot of bloggers, JM doesn’t mention her real name and that’s fine. I think anonymity in the blogging community is one of those benefits for people who want a creative release and who don’t want to be readily identified. I certainly thought about using a pseudonym.

Link love Shout Out

Today JM dedicated a post to my food blog Yummy Lummy as well as My thoughts and stuff.

I want to direct some link love her way, so please go and visit. You can find out more about JM on her about page.

JM likes to write and she’ll write about all manner of things with emotion and feeling. There’s a certain joyfulness in JM’s writing which is uplifting.

Rhyme crimes 🤣

JM writes poetry and stories and shares her views across an eclectic range of interests.

I think friendly is an inadequate description for JM. She reaches out to other bloggers and makes connections and brings people together by sharing about other bloggers.

A screenshot from JM's site. I've used this without asking JM. If you click on the image you will be taken to her rhymes page. Shout out just me Gary Lum
A screenshot from JM’s site. I’ve used this without asking JM. If you click on the image you will be taken to her rhymes page.

Why do I love blogging?

One of the things I love about blogging is the connection made between people all over the world. It may be as simple as an occasional comment, it may be following each other’s blogs, it may be going and following on each other’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds and in some cases I know it’s led to strong friendships.

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8 Replies to “Shout out Just Me”

    1. Gary, I cannot follow this link anymore. It says it does not exist. I wonder if I did something on my end of blogging?

    2. Well, that makes more sense. I was trying to comment on something she sent me and it would not work. And the post wasn’t in my feed anymore.

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