Birthday treats from work mates

Birthday treats especially at work don’t have Calories! I wish this were true, but who cares. It happens once a year and when you have friends like the ones I have it’s amazing.

It started early when a dear friend brought me my favourite vanilla slice from the Gumnut Patisserie from Bowral. There’s just something amazing in the pastry the way they have a caramel flavour to the flaky pastry.

Gumnut patisserie Birthday Vanilla Slice from Kaitlyn for my 52nd birthday Gary Lum
Birthday Vanilla Slice

Just before lunch (I didn’t eat lunch) another dear friend visited me and gave me a Queensland nut caramel tart from Urban Bean Espresso Bar. I love Queensland nuts (Genus Macadamia), especially on a delicious caramel tart. The best thing is the boys from Urban Bean are all NSW loving cockroach supporters and the friend who gave this to me is a Queenslander!

Urban Bean Espresso Bar Queensland nut birthday cake from Jacinta to me Gary Lum
Queensland nut birthday cake

I attended an executive meeting in the afternoon and a couple of my work mates bought me a cake to share with other members of the meeting. It was a delicious cake with yummy cream. It had a couple of layers separated by cream and jam.

Michele's Patisserie Birthday cake from work friends. I have such great work friends from Sarah and Rosemary for me Gary Lum
Birthday cake from work friends. I have such great work friends.

So I was on a sugar high all day. I wonder what my blood sugar level is.

For dinner, I needed something savoury so I put a piece of baked salmon in a puff pastry parcel along with some Coon cheese. I served it with a Hass avocado (thankfully Hass has replaced Shepard in the supermarkets) mixed with sour cream and chilli flakes.

Birthday baked cheesy salmon parcel with creamy avocado made by me, Gary Lum
Birthday baked cheesy salmon parcel with creamy avocado

In the last few weeks, I’ve alluded to the amazing generosity of my work mates here, here and here.

I love my jobs and I love the people I work with.

I hope your birthdays are as good as mine!

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36 thoughts on “Birthday treats from work mates

    • garydlum Post author

      Thanks, Sue, I’m enjoying keeping Yummy Lummy for recipes and this place for other thoughts.

  1. theeditorsjournal Reply

    Hey happy belated! – But why are you doing this to me? I MUST HAVE CAKE NOW! I used to LOOOOVE that top one! I must now re-introduce myself.

  2. Ms Frugal Ears Reply

    You do indeed have some wonderful work mates, but I am willing to bet you are a pretty amazing workmate yourself in return. Do they like your art work?

    • garydlum Post author

      There have been some comments. Mostly positive, with lots of laughter.

    • garydlum Post author

      Thank you so much JM 😃

    • garydlum Post author

      Thank you very much Irene. Yes it was 😃

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  4. Kris Reply

    Happiest of Blessings to you for the next week and year! May the celebration of you never end- (and I love you are a ‘first’ baby. Us kids born on the first of a month are pretty cool, huh?

    • garydlum Post author

      Thanks Kris. Yep, I think it’s special to be born on the first of a month too.

    • garydlum Post author

      Thank you very much 😃😃😃

  5. Mabel Kwong Reply

    Happy Birthday, Gaz. Sounds like a very good one for you and your colleagues planned behind your back 😀 That cake in the meeting looks very decadent…but not overly huge so I take that it was polished off in no time 😀

    • garydlum Post author

      There were 8 of us Mabel so it was cut nice and evenly. I still feel like I’m on a sugar high 😃
      I hope you enjoyed your birthday too and ate well.

    • garydlum Post author

      It’s amazing how many 1 May people I’ve come across. We must all be good people!

    • Mabel Kwong

      Wait. Do you mean 8 people in the room with birthdays today, or just 8 random people? 😀 I am inclined to think we are the best, Gaz. Cream of the crop! Mmm, cream…

    • garydlum Post author

      Eight work colleagues including me. It was only me with the birthday, but I’m always amazed at the 1 May people I come across.

    • Mabel Kwong

      So far I only know you that shares the same birthday as me. They must be attracted to you because you are a foodie who cooks, or because you are Gaz Man 😂

    • garydlum Post author

      It must be the food 😃😃😃

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