2 goes at footy food in 1 week

2 goes at footy food in 1 week for Origin and NRL glory

2 goes at footy food in 1 week for Origin and NRL glory we Queensland wins game 2 and the Broncos defeat the Raiders on their home ground in Canberra

So while I would normally post food to Yummy Lummy, this post is about the great week it’s been in sport.


Roast Chicken and potato scallops

Three weeks ago, the XXXX Queensland Maroons suffered a defeat at the hands of the Victoria Bitter New South Wales Blues in game one of the State of Origin for 2017.

This Wednesday past was game two. I thought I was going to miss the kick-off because of a meeting I had at Parliament House. Fortunately, I was able to leave at 7.15 pm.

My original intention was to venture to Charnwood and get a charcoal chicken after I had enjoyed a deuce of potato scallops and prawn cutlets.


Enjoyed a couple of potato scallops and prawn cutlets Thanks @cbrfoodie for the advice on getting them freshly fried.

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Because of the meeting, I would not have sufficient time so, on leaving Parliament House, I drove quickly and safely to old faithful, viz., Jamison Takeaway.

Roast chicken and potato scallops from Jamison Takeaway Gary Lum
Roast chicken and potato scallops from Jamison Takeaway

I bought half a roast chicken and two potato scallops (what the ignorant and uneducated call potato cakes or potato fritters).

Queensland Glory

After getting back to the apartment, I got ready for the game. I changed into a maroon shirt and XXXX Queensland Maroon’s hoodie. I then set about enjoying the chook and spuds.

The good thing about being late from work was that I missed seeing a lot of the pregame crap like the stupid musical performance by someone or people who I don’t care about. I mean why delay the kickoff when school kids love watching footy. Bring the kickoff back to 7 pm for it’s not such a late night, especially during what may be examination time for some kids. Unfortunately, I did have to listen to someone butcher our national anthem. I’ve said it before, I’ll keep on saying it, get a school choir to sing it and give the kids free tickets for sideline seats.

The game started with a frenzy and going into halftime, the Victoria Bitter New South Wales Blues (aka cockroaches) had a handy lead.

I thought I might have needed an ambulance at one stage. My heart was pounding so hard. I thought I may have had an infarction.

In the end, the Mighty XXXX Queensland Maroons (aka Cane toads) grabbed victory in the last five minutes. Unfortunately, one of our greatest players, Jonathan Thurston, the hero of the game, injured his shoulder and now he needs season-ending surgery.

Game three is on in three weeks. Bring it on.

National Rugby League

Chicken, prawns, gems, mash and gravy

Turn the clock forward to Saturday afternoon. I’d spent the day doing the usual weekend stuff but there was a game to watch at 5.30 pm. It was a Canberra Raiders home game in Canberra playing the Brisbane Broncos.

I’d been thinking of a footy food meal to beat all footy food meals.

Rather than make something from scratch I put together a meal from readily available bits and pieces.

You can check out how I put this meal together on Yummy Lummy.

Chicken thigh schnitzel, potato gems and panko prawns Gary Lum
Chicken thigh schnitzel, potato gems and panko prawns
Chicken thigh schnitzel, potato gems and panko prawns with mashed potato and gravy Gary Lum
Chicken thigh schnitzel, potato gems and panko prawns with mashed potato and gravy

Canberra Raiders vs Brisbane Broncos

As is always the case during the Origin period, the Broncos are a depleted team with Origin players being rested or injured. For example, Broncos Captain, Darius Boyd has a broken thumb and is out for weeks.

It was a great game, the Raiders had the home ground advantage. Their supporters did their silly Viking Clap thingee just before 5.30 pm as the sun was setting and the bitter Canberra cold swept through to freeze fans of both teams to their bones.

The lead see-sawed throughout and at times the Raiders looked like they would run away, but in the end, spirit and Broncos grit took over, and the mighty boys from Brisbane prevailed and prevailed well.

The Brisbane Broncos defeated the Canberra Raiders 30:20.

How was your week?

Did you win?

What footy team do you support?

What’s your favourite footy food?

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9 Replies to “2 goes at footy food in 1 week”

    1. A meat pie is a staple at a footy game no matter the religion. We seem to be influenced a lot from North America so hotdogs are popular, I wish the Canadian influence would spread with Poutine though. I love hot chips, gravy and cheese.

  1. Diet ginger 🍺 beer? And I need a recipe for those panko thighs, they look so good! I was surprised to see you had made so much from ready made, but it does make sense! Us kids from 1965 need to be careful about fats and stuff, how do these foods work in a healthy food plan? 😁😁

    1. Hello, Kris, None of this is healthful at all. The chicken thigh schnitzel and panko prawns are just crumbed (I think you say breaded in North America) meats. panko breadcrumbs are Japanese but you should be able to pick them up from any supermarket/grocery store.
      I’m all about efficiency (aka laziness), so I rarely go to the trouble of doing any cooking that is labour intensive 😃

    2. Dear man, I am in Alaska. Panko is a food group! lol I guess it was the schnitzel part that made me wonder, too–
      I’m sad to hear this is not healthy. I was really hoping something yummy and bad for you could be good!

    3. I have no idea about panko other than I love panko crumbed food 🤣

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