Spontaneous changes in meal planning can have a great result, especially if it involves pork

Spontaneous changes in meal planning can have a great result, especially if it involves pork

Today’s breakfast. Green eggs and ham Benedict from Ricardo’s Cafe and Patisserie

Hello there. It’s been a quiet week. Not boring by any stretch but there’s not much to write about. I also haven’t been walking around to shoot many photographs. Hopefully, when the days get cooler and there are less flies around Lake Ginninderra I’ll get out more.

I’ve been enjoying each new day and getting into a groove and routine again after the Christmas New Year break.

As the week progressed, it got hot and dry in Canberra. I don’t mind the temperature rising I just want the humidity to rise with it. I’ve been using a humidifier in the flat to stop my skin from drying out. I only turned the air conditioner on on Friday evening because it got to 38 °C during the day. I feel for my friends in other parts of Australia where the maximum temperature peaked above 42 °C. I’m jealous of my friends in the Top End and FNQ where the temperatures are much more temperate and the humidity much more comfortable.

Coffee revelation and a low carb tip

So I’m living a low carb life and most mornings I will have a black coffee to kick start my brain and get moving. From time to time, it is nice to have a white coffee but I don’t keep any milk in the flat. This week I started adding a couple of teaspoons of pouring cream, noting the carbohydrate load is minimal (<1 gram). It’s like a revelation. The coffee tastes great. One morning I also added a couple of drops of peppermint flavouring and that coffee with cream was really nice. I think I can do this more often.

Weight update

I’ve hit a plateau and to be honest despite desire, I haven’t really committed to breaking the 79-kilogram barrier. It’ll happen but it may take some time.

Completing my work move


When the flags go up all is good. I’m surprised most people don’t know these flags. It shows people don’t know me that well.

Do you know these flags?

Queensland and Northern Territory flags Northern Territory and Australian flags


A workmate has entrusted me with a plant. I hope it doesn’t die.

Planning for the new podcast

What will the Yummy Lummy Cooking for One Podcast cover?

I plan to cover recipes, meal planning and reviews. The reviews will range from products, foods and if I can get out and about restaurants.

Writing draft episodes or shows

I’ve written the outline for three shows now and hope to get a couple more done before I start recording next month.

Should there be a YouTube component?

I’m in two minds about this. I could make it a VLOG, but really I think in terms of YouTube I’ll probably focus on recording how I cook dishes that get posted as recipes on the blog.

I’m happy to take suggestions from readers.

Pork belly for the win

Twitter made me do it

Click on the bluebird and check out the conversation with Ubrmthr

Photographs of pork rashers

Pork belly with stir-fried kale slaw

Vegemite and chicken thigh meat

Click on the photograph and read the blog post about how I made this.

Chicken thigh fillet stuffed with Vegemite and cheese served with horseradish beetroot slaw

This week in food


Crispy skinned baked salmon with fennel salad


Roasted chicken thigh and a Queensland Maroons stubby cooler
Roast chicken thigh and fennel salad


The weight loss journey continues with protein for lunch
Chicken wings with avocado and fennel salad


Leftover spicy nutty chicken and kale slaw stir-fry
Pork belly with stir-fried kale slaw


Hot chips and gravy covering a chicken schnitzel
Chicken thighs and sweet corn


Crisy bacon and poached eggs with coffee
Pork belly Vietnamese salad from Rôll’d
Chicken thigh fillet stuffed with Vegemite and cheese served with horseradish beetroot slaw


Australia Day

This Friday is a public holiday. I’m hoping to eat well but who knows. I’m not sure what I’ll be eating.

16 Replies to “Spontaneous changes in meal planning can have a great result, especially if it involves pork”

  1. Piffle! I had a long paragraph and lost it all. 😕 I mentioned you hadn’t explained the green eggs Benedict, I tried to look it up! The “hot” chips, I thought was part of the name! I could see you eating something called “hot chips”. Unless, it is and I’m clueless……
    Hope your plant survives. It wouldn’t under my care!

    1. The green Hollandaise sauce over the poached eggs was coloured I’m assuming with avocado. The eggs were perfectly poached and the yolks were really nice and oozy. The sourdough bread was a little much but it absorbed the Hollandaise, egg yolk and ricotta cheese really nicely. In Australia what you might call crisps in a packet we call chips, what you call fries we also call chips. To differentiate, we often say hot chips. The photograph showed hot chips and gravy over the piece of chicken schnitzel.

      I hope the plant survives too 😃

    2. Thank you! I like coloring a food with food instead of colors. It is rather startling, though!

  2. The flags, well, they seem like the icons through the ages – Southern Cross, golden wattle, Queensland, colours symbolic of the First Peoples.

    To be honest, I’m not much of a pork eater unless it’s bacon or ham 😀

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