Lamb chops with bacon eggs and scones Gary Lum

Mum and Dad cooked a huge breakfast

So after a big day of food on Saturday (go back to lunch and dinner), Mum and Dad cooked a huge breakfast for me and the girls.

Mum and Dad both love cooking and they love sharing how much they love their kids and grandkids by cooking large quantities of food 😃

Gary with fish and chips at Sandgate Gary Lum

Sandgate fish and chips with seagulls

Today I took Miss 15 and Ms 19 out to Sandgate for lunch. We went to the Sandgate Fishmonger and bought three pieces of battered cod, four potato scallops (not cakes), a serving or crumbed calamari and a large serving of really nice chips.

We also had the company of quite a few seagulls.