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Getting back into diet coke

I haven’t let a drop of Diet Coke pass my lips since Good Friday this year when I broke a tooth gnawing on a beef rib. I’m regularly reminded that Coca Cola is bad for the enamel of my teeth and when that tooth broke and I knew it would be weeks before I could get it repaired I figured I should lay off the black stuff.

An interesting observation after reducing my sugar intake

I made an interesting observation after reducing my sugar intake this last week. While I’m not about to discuss weight loss after a week, I have noticed I don’t feel as bloated and my trousers and belt don’t feel as uncomfortable. There’s also less farting and my stools aren’t as loose. 

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How to spend a spring long weekend in Canberra?

I’ve told a friend that next year I may take an interest in AFL just to expand my horizons. My aim is to follow the Chinese Suns from the Gold Coast, my number two team will be the Brisbane Lions and my number three team will be Carlton. Obviously, there is a Queensland connection with the first two and I chose Carlton because one of my best friends is a supporter.