Home smoked and cured bacon Gary Lum

Workplace generosity Part II Bacon!

Bacon! Mmm…Last night I wrote about workplace generosity and how I marvelled at how I’ve been blessed working in great environments where people bring in food to share. I didn’t anticipate I’d be writing a piece about workplace generosity so soon, but here is part II.

Gary with fish and chips at Sandgate Gary Lum

Sandgate fish and chips with seagulls

Today I took Miss 15 and Ms 19 out to Sandgate for lunch. We went to the Sandgate Fishmonger and bought three pieces of battered cod, four potato scallops (not cakes), a serving or crumbed calamari and a large serving of really nice chips.

We also had the company of quite a few seagulls.

Rice, egg, aspargus, mushroom, and cheese slice Gary Lum

What do you call this?

The Canberra Hospital staff tuck shop was offering this today for lunch. Normally I go for the seafood plate which is a piece of battered fish, a few crumbed prawns, a seafood stick and some other things that I’ve never really worked out but it’s all deep fried and it tastes good.