Random Journal Entries

Random journal entries

So this is not a blog. This is a page on my website. It’s public but it’s not going to be shared after each update. This is just stuff I’m comfortable sharing publicly. Nothing personal, and in keeping with my Blergh post, nothing controversial. The format will be a date heading and then some text. I’m not that concerned if people read this or not. If you want to send me a comment about whatever you read here that’s fine. Please do. I love interacting with people who come and visit my website.

2017-10-02 Monday

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this page. Life has been a bit up and down. I’ve experienced two series of upper respiratory tract infections. I really hate being unwell. I also weighed myself for the first time in many many months. I am so overweight. I need to do something about it now.

Comfort Eating Through a Period of Melancholy

2017-08-15 Tuesday

Today’s random journal entries!

I still have this low-grade viral infection which is manifesting mostly now as a dry non-productive cough. It’s annoying because I cough throughout the night so I can’t get a decent sleep. The last few days I’ve had cognitive fogging. Concentration has been difficult. It’s remarkable how much I’m craving a decent night’s sleep right now.

2017-08-11 Friday

I’m on board a flight QF 1554 CBR to BNE. I’m off to see my parents and daughters. I’m listening to a Mission Log podcast. A thought came to mind. Am I excited about Star Trek Discovery? Will I be able to see it along with everyone else in the USA who will get it via CBS All Access?

I recently watched a few YouTube videos from Star Trek Las Vegas (STLV) which had some of the cast on it. The actor who plays the doctor made the point he was a fan yet his general Star Trek knowledge was lacking. He couldn’t pronounce Jonathan Frakes last name. It’s not clear if he was familiar with the roles of other medical doctors on Star Trek. It’s hard to imagine that his character will capture my imagination like Dr Crusher, Dr Phlox and Dr McCoy aka Bones. I’ve never been a fan of Dr Bashir from Deep Space 9. I did like the Emergency Medical Hologram from Voyager. My favourites though will always be Beverley Crusher from The Next Generation and Phlox from Enterprise. I am reassured by the explanation that the Klingon storyline will explore each of the houses which have different appearances. I hope the course correction we saw in Enterprise will not be in vain.

I really hope Star Trek Discovery will be available in Australia on a streaming network. I would prefer Netflix but if it’s on Stan that will be okay. If it’s on Prime I’ll be a little annoyed because I can only watch that on my iPad.

A young girl from the rear of the aircraft was taken forward into Business Class. She looks quite unwell. She’s holding a pillow and she looks like she’s about to vomit. The flight attendant began feeling her forehead, I’m assuming to detect a fever. I would have hoped the first aid kit would contain a non-contact thermometer so a more accurate assessment could be made.

I hope she’s okay and has a viral infection and not a bacterial infection. I always start to think of meningococcæmia when I’m on an aeroplane.

I’m currently listening to another podcast, viz., Dork Trek and for reasons that baffle me, the hosts prefer Deep Space 9 over Voyager!

I mean, Jadzia Dax is my favourite DS9 character and it also has Worf, but Voyager has Seven and Tuvok. It’s a pity Tuvok didn’t strangle Neelix in the first season but not all dreams come true.

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