Lake Ginninderra Photography

Lake Ginninderra is one of the constructed shallow freshwater lakes in Canberra. It’s situated in the town centre of Belconnen which is on the north side of Canberra.

I thought I’d have a project page on the website for photographs of and around Lake Ginninderra.

Photography slideshow

I’ve created a small slide show, from time to time I’ll add photographs and also remove some when necessary.


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The lake

I like to photograph the lake at various times of the day and from a few regular vantage points. One of the highlights of living in Canberra apart from the best job in the world and the terrific people and lack of traffic is the colours associated with each season. While I’m not a fan of the weather because of my ichthyosis, autumn is really beautiful with the change in colour of the leaves on the deciduous trees.


Each year, along the walking paths, leaves drop and form a blanket of gold across the browning grass and the poorly maintained walkways of the Australian Capital Territory. As the leaves decay, the wonderful soil microbes take hold and soon render the leaves into nutrients for the local environment.


From time to time there are also kangaroos to be seen on the paddocks near the lake. I’m not very adept at getting close enough for a decent photograph but I keep looking for them. I think I need to get out earlier in the day to see them.

At the moment, my skills seem to only be able to capture cows. They don’t move very quickly and they are cute. They are in a paddock so I can’t get closer unless I want to trespass.

There are also birds. The rosellas are pretty but I really like the pelicans when they are present.



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