Yellow buoys and seagulls on Lake Ginninderra Reflections Gary Lum

Reflections on Lake Ginninderra and Beyond

Reflections on still water on cool still days are a highlight of living in Canberra with this incredibly bright and blue autumn days. As I walked around Lake Ginninderra, I …

Lake Ginninderra from the south-east Ginninderra Drive bridge. HDR post processing. Gary Lum

A new thought walking around Lake Ginninderra

As I walked around Lake Ginninderra this morning I pondered a thought about a short story I thought I might write.

From time to time I mentally jot down ideas for works of fiction. I’ve never written a short story before but I follow enough blogs to admire people who can and do write short works of fiction. Whether I can or not is another thing altogether. I’ve never thought of myself as a good writer. I think I do a satisfactory job for my work, but creative writing is not something I feel comfortable with.