Reflections on Lake Ginninderra and Beyond

Reflections on still water on cool still days are a highlight of living in Canberra with this incredibly bright and blue autumn days.

As I walked around Lake Ginninderra, I reflected myself again on living in Canberra.

Physical reflections

The water was still, the sky was bright and blue and the reflections in the water were exquisite this morning. The autumn colours of the leaves on the deciduous trees augmented the naturally saturated vision that is Lake Ginninderra shortly after sunrise.

Click on one of the images and you’ll be able to see a gallery with larger photographs in better detail.

Let me know what you think about these photographs. They were all shot with a Sony α7ii with a 24–240 mm f/3.5–6.3 lens at f/8 and 1/1000 seconds with ISO set to auto. I processed all the photographs in Adobe Lightroom and used Luminar and Aurora HDR to make the colours more vivid.

Weekend highlight

Last night I made spam of asparagus spicy soup. If you like soup check out the blog post and video.

This week ahead

On Tuesday, it is Anzac Day. The day that Australians and people from New Zealand remember those brave warfighters who fought and fell so that we can live in freedom and enjoy democracy. While I support anything to keep the peace, I’m grateful for the soldiers, sailors and air people who are willing to sacrifice themselves for our safety.


10 Replies to “Reflections on Lake Ginninderra and Beyond”

  1. I love the photo reflections AND your reflections. Mirror images always make me wonder and images in water make my soul happy!!! I can’t really choose a favorite!!! You have a good eye, my friend.

    1. Thank you very much Kris. Canberra is pretty good for still cool mornings with mirror like water surfaces.
      Something draws me to the pretty colours of the buoys floating on the lake.

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