Weird arse computer problems

It’s been more than a week since I’ve blogged here. The last post was about all the cake I ate for my birthday. I’d like to say it’s because I’ve been ultra busy, and well, while work has been consistent and fulfilling, it hasn’t been flat out. One reason for being absent is the development of some really weird arse computer problems I’ve been experiencing.

Photo Gallery

Prisma depiction of Gary Lum because of weird arse computer problems

Firstly, one-day last week all three sites I run went weird because of a plugin problem. The plugin in question being Seriously Simple Podcasting. An upgrade had occurred and because of an out of date php all visitors saw was a white screen with a couple of lines of text.

Weird arse computer problems

Fortunately a couple of months ago I’d experienced the white screen of death and learnt some new mad skills at getting behind the login and dashboard to try to repair plugin problems.

Google Chrome problems

Shortly after fixing that problem, Google Chrome on my Mac started throwing up random popups and redirecting pages to very odd and random sites. Some were for NSAID analgesics, some were to random anti-malware software and more were to on-line shopping sites.

Anti-Malware Software

Until now, I’d not seriously contemplated anti-malware software for my Mac. I have been diligent about sites I visit and not clicking on links I’m not certain about. It seems malware for Macs has been a booming business and the production and distribution of Mac malware are on a steep rise.

I’ve now reset my browsers, deleting all the extensions I’d installed. I have anti-malware software running continuously and fingers crossed, I am ahead of the curve.

So I thought I’d share a slideshow of photographs of some food I’ve eaten this week. I am trying to only post recipes to Yummy Lummy now rather than random posts. I’ll do the random stuff here for now.

Photograph gallery

Click on a thumbnail and then use the left and right arrows to look through them. Feel free to leave a comment under the full sized photograph.

Lessons identified and learnt

Minimise plugins in and only use those you really need. Keep them up to date and go into your dashboard daily to make ensure everything is tickety-boo.

Install anti-malware software and keep it up to date. Run the software regularly.


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21 Replies to “Weird arse computer problems”

  1. Been there done that php upgrade thing. Lol. How we suffer! :)…oh and the malware-let’s-delete-all-the-extensions thing. I think it’s like a Bar Mitsvah (not checking spelling – too lazy) – you have to go through it to become an online adult.

    1. Yep, I agree, I like the feeling of maturity I have when I’ve seen a problem and then know how to fix it. It’s better than the panic of the blank screen or the odd strings of code that bewilder me.

    1. I am indeed JM. Busy with work so writing has not been happening much. It’s the weekend now though so you never know 😃
      I hope you’re well too hugs

  2. So annoying about the WordPress plugins and hope it is all systems go from now. Was wondering what was going on in Gaz Land – maybe you were having a break from blogging but it really didn’t sound much like you 😀 Your meals this week all look yellow and golden – with and without cheese 😀

    1. So far so good Mabel. Plugin conflicts aren’t much fun.
      I need more cheese 🤣😂

  3. Happy belated Birthday! You are a computer genius. I’ve had WordPress glitches and I just Reboot or come back the next day. I’ve had that white screen of death also. Crazy. Also many Thanks for recognizing food allergies. As I’ve gotten older I have my share of them. Foods that did not used to bother me now I cannot eat. However I make adjustments. Actually having food allergies forces me to eat a more healthy diet because when I go another direction my stomach makes me pay, dearly for any transgressions.

    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes.
      I really like to play with computers. I tend not to get into the guts and I leave coding alone. But the whole plugin and plugout environment of is fun.
      I have a few friends who have food sensitivities so I try to be cognisant of that. I’m fortunate that the only ‘problem’ I have is alcohol. It’s meant an adult life of sobriety.

  4. You are lucky, that you can do a lot by yourself, Gary. I wouldn’t have known, what to do, if WP makes problems to my blog. I do know much about, how to use a PC and to the use of lots of programs. But plugins and to what is inside the hard disk and why, are out of my knowledge.
    Your food tell us about good dinners 🙂

    1. Thank you very much Irene.
      I’ve always liked working out how things work.
      It’s been a good week of food.

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