A fish out of water

I was walking around Lake Ginninderra this morning listening to one of my favourite podcasts, viz., “No such thing as a fish” by the QI Elves. I’d like to mention that my favourite Elf is Anna. She is the funniest and wittiest of the group.

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So as I was walking and listening I came across a fish. I’m assuming it’s a carp. The lake apparently has perch and cod in it and for all the fishers I see angling, I’ve only ever seen them catch carp.

A fish out of water, carp by Lake Ginninderra Gary Lum
A fish out of water, carp by Lake Ginninderra

Carp are an introduced species into Australia. They are vermin of the fresh aquatic waters of Australia. They stir up the mud and make the artificial lakes of Canberra unsightly. When caught, they are not allowed to be released, they must be killed. I’m guessing like other fish, they would make reasonable fertiliser. If I owned land, I’d catch carp and put them in holes in the ground and then plant a tree on top.

A fish out of water, carp by Lake Ginninderra Gary Lum
A fish out of water, carp by Lake Ginninderra

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What have you done this weekend?

Yesterday I had a personal matter that was troubling but I managed to do some walking and housework but not a lot of cooking.

Today I continue with the troubling personal matter which I won’t divulge here suffice to say, I hope the situation improves. I managed a walk around Lake Ginninderra and I recorded a podcast.


Yummy Lummy Medical Fun Facts


In the southern hemisphere, we’re now getting close to the start of winter and the end of autumn. I shot some photographs which show the beauty of the change of seasons in Canberra.

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For some photographs from the weekend, click on one and scroll through in the pop-up lightbox.

I hope the coming week will be good for you

What are you up to in the coming week? For me, I’m going to be busy at work. I also have a day in Melbourne for a meeting which I hope will go well.

Have a good week my friends

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19 Replies to “A fish out of water”

  1. I have missed you. I look forward to your posts (although, I only follow 2 of you!). I find it fun we both have more than one or two blogs and write in them regularly. I do enjoy you and hope you are ok in your busy week and meetings and whatever was bothering those little grey cells last weekend. {{HUG}}

    1. Thanks, Kris. Life has its twists and turns. Life is busy as well at the moment. Hopefully, I’ll be blogging again with improved frequency once I’m over this little hump in work.

  2. You’re a doc?! Who knew? I vote for some medical fun facts here occasionally. And.. troubling personal matters, next year you won’t remember it… (hopefully!?) 🙂

    1. I haven’t eaten carp either (at least not that I know of). I’ve been told by locals it tastes like mud. I know a lot of Chinese people with fish for them and eat them, I expect they will steam it and add a lot of aromatics. These artificial lakes have big problems with cyanobacteria and occasionally very high coliform counts. I avoid touching the water.

    2. Good. Stay safe. Don’t want you turning green or multi-colored like in your “weird arse computer problems” post. That was a lovely color scheme, though! Heh. ❤️❤️

  3. We have lots of carpe’s in Europe and they are told to be very tasteful.

    Take good care of yourself, while your life change to be more busy, remember to live too Gary 🙂

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