Footy food round up for the 2017 State of Origin series

So for those readers who live in Queensland and New South Wales, you’re already aware of the State of Origin series’s result. For everyone else, whether you are aware of it or not, my favourite team sport is Rugby League and my favourite competition is the State of Origin clash between Queensland and New South Wales.

There was a lot of hype this year that the NSW Blues were ready to create an upset. Over the last eleven years, Queensland had won ten series. NSW won in 2014, which at the time seemed like a change was imminent, however in 2015 and 2016, NSW just couldn’t do it. In the first game of 2017, the Mighty XXXX Queensland Maroons went down in a heap. There were quite a few star players missing and it really felt like the VB NSW Blues were going to overwhelm us this year. In the second game, the Mighty Maroons played amazing football and evened the score one game a piece. This week we had the third and final game of the series. There was so much hype, commentators and sports aficionados were claiming this was going to be the most important game of rugby league ever. In the end, despite not having a star player like Jonothan Thurston, the Mighty XXXX Queensland Maroons outplayed the hapless VB NSW Blues for all but about 15 to 20 minutes of the 80-minute clash. It was more than enough to blood some debutants and seal as a legendary side the force of Queensland.

As many who know me know, I tend to be a Queenslander first and foremost above all else. I’m still grinning from ear to ear.

But enough of that, the title of this post was a round up of the food I ate for each game. I’ve already mentioned what I’d eaten in game one and game two. For game three, I’d been a tad busy and didn’t really have the time I would have liked to prepare so I went with a very simple chicken and potato combination. Two Chicken Maryland pieces along with the cheesy potato gems (tater tots for my North American friends).

Game 1

State of Origin Footy food cheerios wrapped in puff pastry with potato gems Queenslander Gary Lum
State of Origin Footy food cheerios wrapped in puff pastry with potato gems

Game 2

Roast chicken and potato scallops from Jamison Takeaway Gary Lum
Roast chicken and potato scallops from Jamison Takeaway

Game 3

#footyfood #origin Chicken Maryland, potato gems and avocado #qlder Gary Lum
#footyfood #origin Chicken Maryland, potato gems and avocado #qlder

Honourable mention

On Thursday night I didn’t feel like cooking so I went to the Jamison Takeaway and the woman serving me was wearing a Queensland Maroons jumper and she was very attractive, so I figure I should also show you what I may have also had for a footy food feast too.

Battered fish and potato scallops Gary Lum
Battered fish and potato scallops

If you’re from North America, do you have a favourite football team?

If you’re from Queensland or New South Wales, which NRL team do you support?

If you don’t care for rugby league, what’s your favourite team sport?

Please share with me in the comments so I can get to know you better.



8 Replies to “Footy food round up for the 2017 State of Origin series”

  1. Love potato scallops especially on fresh white bread as a sandwich. Not really a football follower more into travel and sport and learning Mandarin. Just sitting here in Abu Dhabi after a lovely (yet very expensive) buffet at our hotel. The hummus, tabouli and vine leaves were incredible.

  2. Love potato scollops Gary – especially on fresh white bread. I don’t follow any football teams nor sport really; more a traveller and foodie – just sitting here in Abu Dhabi after a lovely buffet lunch at the Intercontinental – great hummus and tabouli and vine leaves – lovely!!

    1. Thanks, Sue, I just love the idea of adding an already favourite food to bread and butter adds a whole new dimension to a favourite food. While I know you’d never do this, a former Australian tennis star made the meat pie sandwich famous and I love them. Even a sausage roll sandwich. I’ve never tried a Cornish pasty sandwich. Something we could try though would be a vegetable samosa sandwich! I’ve enjoyed following your travels online. It sounds like you’re having a great time. Now I’m craving a tabouli sandwich!

  3. Ahh, hehehehehe, I giggled at the serendipitous discovery of the lady in the festive jumper! Sweet!! On your high from your team’s glory..and now a lovely lady in your team’s accoutrement! What a splendid day! And the food? Frickin’ yum!!! Omg! I’m suddenly craving fish and chips!

    Woohoo, shut those Blues down, baby! Yes!!! 22-6? Wowsers! 😁

    My team here in the States is the New England Patriots. Much like your Maroons, they did a fantastic turn around in our Super Bowl (the epitome of the football season, of course!) this year in February. We thought those dirty birdies, the Atlanta Falcons would sweep that Bowl, but the never count the Pats out! One of the greatest OT victories/comebacks ever, in my humble opinion. My superbowl party was a dud until the last 12 minutes of the game…then, the tide ever change, my friend! I went from sulking to obnoxious all within a matter of moments. At the end, one of my friends who is a die-hard Falcons fan doused me in hot cocoa powder because I would not stop jumping around in celebration!! Hehehe, hey, there was a small fortune riding on that one.

    Anyway, well, here’s to the Maroons’ continued success next year. It’s always so good when everyone seems to think a loss is inevitable, even if they don’t actually say it. Kudo’s to you, mister! I’m happy for ya!

    1. Excellent JM, it sounds like we’re peas in a pod when it comes to our support for our football teams. I won’t lie, I have tears of happiness and sometimes tears of despair when I watch football.
      Those come from behind last minute victories are so good for supporters, but OMG the heart pounding stress…It can get too much 😱
      The Superbowl often coincides with a long weekend here in Australia, I’ll have to take more notice. Woo hoo for the Patriots. I just looked up and it’s amazing to see they have so many Super Bowl appearances with such a great win:loss record. I’ll have to make them my team then 😃
      I tend to be alone when I watch, people ask me out to watch with them, but I get embarrassed at how I scream at my TV set and there are some swear words that my friends don’t need to hear when game officials make decisions that in my humble opinion are incorrect (even if they are!).
      For full disclosure, I should mention the lovely lady in the Maroons jersey filled out that top in the right places 😉

    2. Roflmao! I know EXACTLY what you mean about screaming at the TV! Did that watching “Candy Crush” last night! “Bluuuuuuue, Caleb!!!! SWIPE THE GAWDDAMN BLUE ONE!! OMGggggggg!!” Hehe. Totes embarrassed, by not only the sheer stupidity of the show, but by such a passionate outburst at said stupid show.

      And now you know my darkest secrets! Ha.

      I love your passion for sports. You’re such a man’s man. 😎👍

    3. It’s what I like about work life balance. I’m usually so controlled and constrained but when I’m home and in my own company my passions are out there 😃👍

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