Getting back into diet coke

Diet coke and weight loss

I haven’t let a drop of Diet Coke pass my lips since Good Friday this year when I broke a tooth gnawing on a beef rib. I’m regularly reminded that Coca-Cola is bad for the enamel of my teeth and when that tooth broke and I knew it would be weeks before I could get it repaired I figured I should lay off the black stuff.

After the tooth was repaired, I’d been off Diet Coke for more than a month and hadn’t really missed it. So until last week, I hadn’t touched a drop.

What has changed?

Well, the major change has been my determination to lose weight. Even though I had stopped drinking Diet Coke I was still drinking other soft drinks (or what friends in North America call soda or pop). For example, every day I was enjoying a 375 mL can of Solo or Sprite. When I decided a couple of weeks ago to stop consuming food and drink with added sugar I did what I had done before which included chewing sugar-free gum and increasing my water intake plus drinking more black tea and black coffee. Years ago when I was motivated to lose nearly 23 kilograms, one of the mainstays of my diet was sipping a can of Diet Coke each day. It helped with the cravings for sugar. So whether I like it or not, for the time being Diet Coke is part of my weight loss strategy.

Weight chart Gary Lum Diet coke

So, this week, I took my first sip of Diet Coke in months. It was good. I enjoyed it. I’m now a Diet Coke consumer again.

What else has happened this week?

Work has been enjoyable and the Canberra weather has been improving in terms of daily maximum temperatures, I wish the humidity would move along with it but sadly it remains dry.

Thursday marked fifteen years since the 2002 Bali Bombings and I noticed the NT News posted a photograph that I was in.

Yesterday I managed a walk around Lake Ginninderra and enjoyed getting up and personal with a cow. I also saw what I think are some Australasian darters. I wasn’t able to get that close to them, the birds were high in the branches of a tree.

Cow in Ginninderra Gary Lum Diet Coke
Cow in Ginninderra
Darters in Ginninderra Gary Lum Diet Coke
Darters in Ginninderra

Best salad ever

Last night for dinner I made a really nice scallop and chilli bacon salad. Hopefully more salad will help with weight loss.

Scallop and chilli bacon salad with cabbage, lettuce, green beans, spring onions and bird’s eye chillies Diet Coke Gary Lum
Scallop and chilli bacon salad with cabbage, lettuce, green beans, spring onions and bird’s eye chillies

Bacon and poached egg

For breakfast this morning, I poached an egg. It’s not something I do very often. I’m pretty hopeless but I want to get better at doing it. I think every weekend I’m going to poach eggs until I get it right.

Crispy streaky bacon and a poached egg Diet Coke Gary Lum
Crispy streaky bacon and a poached egg

Tupperware® Party

Last week I wrote a review of the Tupperware® FusionSystem mincer and today I attended a Tupperware® party.

My friend at work who is a Tupperware® consultant arranged with another friend at work to host a Tupperware® party. I had a good time. I ate pizza and self-saucing Cherry Ripe pudding. So much sugar, so many carbohydrates. I now feel bloated and full and on a sugar high. Sadly this won’t help with weight loss 😜

I bought a small microwave steaming container in an auction and got a citrus peeler and funnel as free gifts. I will now proceed to order an ice shaver module which will fit on the FusionSystem Mincer.

Tupperware Diet Coke Gary Lum

I like Tupperware® parties. This is my fifth. I think I’ve been the only bloke at each party!



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16 Replies to “Getting back into diet coke”

  1. I recently discovered lemon diet Coke with splenda. The die hard Diet Pepsi fan in me was amazed!!!
    Your darters look like cormorants. Am going to need to look those birds up, very pretty creatures! Cute cow, too—-

    1. I used to think they were cormorants too but someone saw a photo I posted and explained we have darters.

  2. Well done on giving up the sugary drinks Gary. I gave up Coke Zero five years ago and haven’t had a drop since (nor any other sugary drinks). Sparkling mineral water is my thing. I love it.

    1. Thanks Sue. I hope once I get my weight under control I can stop the Diet Coke again. I now know I can do it. It’s just will power.

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