A story about Sichuan dipping sauce

A story about Sichuan dipping sauce

Have you heard of or made Sichuan dipping sauce? Apparently, it’s a big deal in McDonald’s restaurants in the USA. I was recently listening to the Broads at Mouthy Broadcast and the introduction to episode 174 (warning NSFW humour, some triggers and explicit language) was about the furore from fans of the TV cartoon show, Rick and Morty who were going insane over getting some of their favourite chicken McNuggets (hereafter known as Nugs) dipping sauce. Apparently, someone gave away a car for a packet of the dipping sauce. People were queueing for the dipping sauce. I mean, I’ll line up at a good restaurant, but I can’t imagine lining up for a dipping sauce to dip my Nugs in, no matter how good it makes my nugs taste.

I’m not very familiar with Rick and Morty; as far as I know, it wasn’t a big deal on TV in Australia (if I’m wrong, please let me know). I did a little searching in Google and in one episode (check out the YouTube video) Rick starts on about Sichuan dipping sauce for his Nugs.

Plugging the Broads

If you want to hear what the Broads had to say, visit their website and you can play the audio from the webpage. If you like what you hear, then please subscribe. The more subscribers they get, the more likely it is they will stay podcasting. If you like them and their NSFW ribald humour, you may like to become a Patreon Patron. For as little as a few cups of coffee a year, you get to see them record the show every two weeks. I have to say, watching Jennie, Lauren and Peter do their stuff adds so much to the aural experience. You might ask, why am I plugging this podcast? Well, the fact is, I’ve become quite friendly with the broads and some other podcasters who are all based in the USA. It’s been a bit of a revelation to develop some online friendships with some genuinely nice people who all have a similar nerdy geeky sense of humour.

The dipping sauce

I’ll post the recipe over at Yummy Lummy soon, but basically, I used the recipe from My Recipes with some minor modifications.

The sauce tasted pretty good. I didn’t have any nugs so instead, I used roasted pork rashers which in my opinion are better than nugs although Jennie would probably disagree given her passion for Macca’s nugs.

Sichuan dipping sauce in the saucepan Gary Lum
Sichuan dipping sauce in the saucepan
Sichuan dipping sauce poured hot from the saucepan Gary Lum
Sichuan dipping sauce poured hot from the saucepan
Pork rashers ready for the oven Gary Lum
Pork rashers ready for the oven
Pork rashers and Sichuan dipping sauce Gary Lum
Pork rashers and Sichuan dipping sauce

What else happened this week?

Work was work, but outside of work, I had fun using my new Tupperware® cookware. The Tupperware® Micro Pressure Cooker and Tupperware® UltraPro are great. I made a nice fast pork rasher dish in the pressure cooker and combined microwave oven and conventional oven cooking in the UltraPro with a chicken thigh dish.

Weight loss update

So I stalled a little this week. There was no actual drop in weight but no sustained increase.

This week’s weight chart update

This week's Weight chart Gary Lum

Think fungus

A specialist friend I work with on Fridays brought me a present from a medical mycology workshop she attended last week. I tease her regularly about her expertise in mycology.

Always Think fungus Gary Lum
Always Think fungus

I learnt something new

I never realised there is an international standard for dental notation. I was authorising a result on Friday and a faciomaxillary surgeon had referred to us a specimen from an abscess at 37/38. It puzzled me because most adults have 32 permanent teeth and I had no idea what the notation 37/38 meant. After looking up dental notation I found a wikipedia page which described ISO 3950 which is the dental notation standard.

Dental notation
Dental notation

Here’s a cute cow to look at

Cute cow on Lake Ginninderra Gary Lum
Cute cow on Lake Ginninderra


Awesome cloud porn

This one looks like a tardigrade

Cloud porn that looks like a tardigrade from Star Trek Discovery Gary Lum
Cloud porn that looks like a tardigrade from Star Trek Discovery

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18 Replies to “A story about Sichuan dipping sauce”

  1. I think the Sichuan dipping sauce at McDonald’s was a limited re-release of something they haven’t had for a while. I’m pretty sure the most popular sauce is the barbecue sauce – it’s what you get if you don’t specify which sauce you want.

    1. I really like dipping my nugs in Macca’s mustard dipping sauce.
      I wish Australian Macca’s would bring the Schezuan Teriyaki dipping sauce here so we can try it too.

    2. I can’t ever even remember hearing of this sauce before this whole thing. Clearly, I either don’t eat at McDonald’s that much, or its initial popularity has been greatly exaggerated.

    3. I’m guessing it was die hard Rick and Morty fans who wanted it. I eat at Macca’s probably three times a year although this year I think I’ve been five times. Usually for nugs and a thick shake.

    4. Nothing wrong with that Sarah
      There’s too much said about fast food which I think is hype
      It’s like everything, moderation is key

  2. Like you Gaz, I am Chinese but know very little Chinese cuisine despite eating it a lot growing up. Going to check out the Yummy Lummy post in a bit 😀 Looks like a very yellow selection of dishes from you this week. Better luck with the weight loss next week 🙂

    1. Lots of green and yellow Mabel
      It’s funny how we eat so much of a cuisine, yet I know very little about it
      It is delicious though 😃
      I had lots of cheese for lunch 👍

    2. The more colourful your veggies, the more vitamins you are ingesting 😀

      No cheese for me today sadly. Practically spent the whole afternoon making curry puffs and then dinner 😃

    3. You were greedy, Gaz 😂 I’m into burger cheese lately…which some might argue isn’t really cheese. But such a lovely deep yellow 😃

    4. I had blue cheese, smoked cheese and coon cheese with almonds for lunch. All the cheese!!! 😃

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