Strange things you see while walking around Belconnen

And no, I’m not talking about shopping trolleys.

The weather in Canberra today was surprisingly good. It wasn’t cold and it wasn’t too warm. It was overcast with a hint of humidity. My skin didn’t feel too dry. It was the sort of day that I would have expected a lot of people to be out walking around Lake Ginninderra.

Barren playgrounds

Instead, it was pretty barren. I saw a few familiar faces, the regulars who I see when I’m on a morning walk.

More often than not, the play areas are occupied with children and their parents. Today, though, the playground and the climbing equipment were bare.

Empty playground on Lake Ginninderra Gary Lum
Empty playground on Lake Ginninderra

Hard rubbish

Even in a city like Canberra, people just dump old furniture on the sidewalk assuming someone will take it and keep it, or the city council authorities will pick it up for disposal. When that happens, taxpayers and rates payers end up footing the bill.

I this was a nice juxtaposition, though. You can attend an inspection and have a sit-down and discussion while you’re at it.

A couch on the sidewalk while you buy an apartment Gary Lum
A couch on the sidewalk while you buy an apartment

Hairy melons

Do you like your melons hairy? The mind boggles. I’m not sure I want to eat a hairy melon! 😳😂🤣

Hairy melons Gary Lum
Hairy melons


My short story

Last week, I mentioned I was thinking about writing a short story. I’ve started. That’s about all I can say.

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4 Replies to “Strange things you see while walking around Belconnen”

    1. No melons, it’s not that sort of story 😂 But there may well be the mention of hair.

  1. I very much enjoyed this! I have some very good friends who do this sort of thing when they travel (they have a wordpress blog called ‘Living the Travel Channel’). Hairy melons and shopping trolleys are needing to be googled!

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