Father’s Day 2017

Father’s Day 2017

In Australia, Father’s Day falls on the first Sunday of September. It’s been an overcast and cool day in Canberra with a few light showers.

Father’s Day breakfast

I made myself a breakfast taco with streaky bacon, eggs and cheese. I got a couple of rashers of streaky bacon and put them in the oven for 12 minutes at 200 °C. While that was cooking I gently beat a couple of eggs and added some freshly ground black pepper, chilli flakes and chopped parsley. After the 12 minutes, I pulled out the bacon and then poured over the egg mixture. To that, I sprinkled some grated cheese and put it all back in the oven for a further 8 minutes. As the bacon and eggs were nearing completion I heated a tortilla in the microwave oven for 20 seconds. I then made a taco wrap. It was delicious.

Father’s Day breakfast taco

Father's Day breakfast taco with bacon, eggs, and cheese Gary Lum
Father’s Day breakfast taco with bacon, eggs, and cheese
Close up of my Father's Day breakfast taco with bacon, eggs, and cheese Gary Lum
Close up of my Father’s Day breakfast taco with bacon, eggs, and cheese

Father’s Day FaceTime and gifts

After breakfast, I spent a most enjoyable time with my daughters on FaceTime. It was great to see them and speak with them. I had already opened the gift they had sent me in the mail.

Father’s Day gifts

I received a new shirt, some slippers and some handkerchiefs.

Father's Day package Gary Lum
Father’s Day package
Father's Day gifts Shirt, slippers and handkerchiefs Gary Lum
Father’s Day gifts
Shirt, slippers and handkerchiefs

Game of Thrones Season 7

Yesterday I watched the seventh season of Game of Thrones on iTunes. I’m one of those fans who wait until the season is over before I watch any of the episodes. I like watching an entire season in one sitting. Like previous seasons, season 7 didn’t disappoint me. I was pleasantly surprised there weren’t as many deaths of significant characters and focus tended to be on the plot rather than nudity and sexual activity or coarse violence.

Are you a fan of Game of Thrones?

Lake Ginninderra

A couple of things stood out on a walk around Lake Ginninderra yesterday.

When RAW milk makes sense

I came across a herd of cows and found a calf feeding from its mother. It got me thinking that this is the only time RAW milk makes sense. When it’s warm and fresh straight from a nipple. Sadly there are still people who are deluded into thinking that drinking shipped and stored RAW milk or eating unpasteurised cheese is as safe as pasteurised milk.

When RAW makes sense Gary Lum
When RAW makes sense

The other thing that stood out was the appearance of spring blossoms.

Spring has sprung

Blossoms of Lake Ginninderra on the first weekend of Spring Gary Lum
Blossoms of Lake Ginninderra on the first weekend of Spring

Creamy Udon Noodles Taco

Saturday Food while watching Game of Thrones

Sushi Saturday lunch Gary Lum
Sushi Saturday lunch
Game of thrones afternoon tea | Ginger beer and chips using my metal straw to protect the environment Gary Lum
Game of Thrones afternoon tea | Ginger beer and chips using my metal straw to protect the environment

I was on episode 4 of season 7 of Game of Thrones by the time I got to dinner. You can find the recipe for this dish at my food blog.

Creamy udon noodles tacos with slowly roasted lamb Gary Lum
Creamy udon noodles tacos with slowly roasted lamb
Pasteurise this and it makes delicious safe yoghurt Gary Lum
Pasteurise this and it makes delicious safe yoghurt
Coconut yoghurt Gary Lum
Coconut yoghurt dessert
Extra dessert | Kensington Pride mangoes 2 for $6 Gary Lum
Extra dessert | Kensington Pride mangoes
2 for $6



Further odd on-line behaviour

I recently wrote about some odd behaviour on my blogs Yummy Lummy and My Thoughts and Stuff, especially spam-like comments that didn’t follow the usual pattern.
Now I’m seeing some odd behaviour in e-mail traffic not only on my personal e-mail accounts but also on my work related e-mail accounts. The good thing about working for two government public service agencies is the information technology security. I’ve received some unsavoury e-mail traffic in the past so my work e-mails are monitored by IT security.
As far as personal e-mail goes, I probably over do the delete key, I have no hesitation. I think there have been some people who have reached out to me and because the message wasn’t that clear, I’ve just deleted the e-mail. Life’s too short to get into on-line hassles. I figure if someone really wants to contact me he or she will try again.
Another wrinkle in my on-line life has been a sudden interest in a Facebook group I started called Cooking meals for one. I had wanted to be fairly flexible and open minded as a group administrator but I quickly learnt when trolls get in, removing them quickly is important. Trolls can play havoc and they have to be managed carefully.

Lessons as a Facebook group administrator

If you decide to start a Facebook group think hard about whether it will be open, closed or secret. Having it open at the beginning to attract some attention from ‘passers by’ makes sense but what it does is allow all and sundry to see in. What it also means is that members’ friends can also see their posts on their timelines and members may not want that. I learnt that quickly and changed from open to closed.
Even with a closed group trouble can occur. I had initially set the group up with some questions that I wanted new members to answer, but not all of them did and because I was keen to see the group grow, I allowed people in. I usually looked at their profile and account and if I didn’t see anything overtly dodgy I approved their membership. The thing is, once someone is in they can quickly add members. Now for this group, I had the settings so that only an administrator (me) could approve people and again, because I was taking a flexible open posture I approved most requests. This was my mistake, one night there was a sudden influx of requests and I quickly approved most of them not realising some of them had the intention of wrecking the joint.
It started insidiously with some snide comments, then the sexual innuendo with double entendres. You know, people liking creamy salty sauce in their mouths, that sort of thing. Not necessarily bad, but very inappropriate in a food focussed group for people who live alone and what to share ideas. Being mostly single people, we’re vulnerable.
So I’ve learnt the value of acting quickly and deleting threads and comments and blocking the people responsible.

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10 Replies to “Father’s Day 2017”

  1. I’d patent the taco roll, Maccy D’s will be after it! 🙂 Lovely pic of the little fella with his mum. (I have unilaterally decided it’s a boy!)
    Game of Thrones. – can’t get into it. Yep its me. I’m the one. I’ve been told all sorts about it and have tried twice and could not get hooked. After reading your piece I wondered if that is the method I should use. The one sitting binge approach (whilst working online obvs). But nay. If I have to keep trying to get into something why bother when there is sufficient stuff I like without the effort?
    Facebook. Some people have too much time on their hands. I never give them a second of mine if I can help it. It’s hard to set up filters to keep them out if the platform you are using doesn’t provide ample tools.

    1. That little calf does look like a boy. Hopefully he’ll make it to be a steer.

  2. I bet you look incredibly handsome in your shirt and ties– What great daughters you have! I’ve not seen my youngest since October 2016. I’m looking forward to having him visit me for a week this month. (he’s not moved out yet, so normally I see him every day. He took me to the airport last fall)
    The admin thing must be a leak in the pail of good things. Am glad you are getting it stopped up! Am also impressed you have another cool project under your belt!

    1. I hope the visit from your youngest goes well Kris. I live for my kids.
      Hopefully, the Facebook group business has settled down. I seem to now have a better level of control over it. It’s been fun and the group is enjoyable. You’re more than welcome to join in. Let me know if you’d like me to add you.

  3. Hi Gary, I dont watch GoT but I do like to wait until a season is over so I can see all the series in one go. However I am watching “Nashville” after each episode on Foxtel (taped to get rid of the many adverts)..silly show but I like it. Glad you had a nice day.

    1. I wonder about the future of TV Sue, it seems so many of us are happy to wait for the end of a season and watch it all in one hit.

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