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An embarrassing story of racism

This week I had the privilege to be involved in a multi-day meeting of experts in a field I feel quite passionate about. These experts came from many different countries. We also had a very distinguished guest. A man from USA, a full professor from a prestigious university, a man who is quite brilliant with a special knack to take very complex cutting edge scientific concepts and translate them into strategic policy for global consideration. He has the ear of senior decision makers in USA and the confidence of scientific giants.

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Public art in Woden

If you’d asked me before I moved to Canberra nearly ten years ago what I thought about public art. I’d have said, “…it’s a bloody waste of taxpayers’ money!”

I had no time for art in any form. I’d never really been interested in it.

I have no education in art and I’ve never read anything about art. I’ve certainly not picked up a book about art.

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Podcast episode: I dreamt about my maternal grandfather

This podcast is about a dream I had of my maternal grandfather. You can find the blog post at

Do you remember your dreams? I love dreaming. Dreaming is so enjoyable, mostly. Occasionally I have nightmares, but mostly I have pleasant dreams. I usually don’t remember what I’ve dreamt about unless it’s something really special.