Crispy skin pan-fried salmon with Hass avocado and beetroot coleslaw dressed with aioli #dinner #mealforone #yummylummy #foodporn #yummy #delicious #instafood #nikon #lightroom #canberra #cbr #australia Garnished with lots of lime zest because I love lime Aioli, Avocado, Beetroot, Beetroot coleslaw, Lime zest, Salmon Gary Lum

Salmon with avocado and beetroot coleslaw

It’s Monday night so that means salmon. I’ve been mixing it up lately. For a long time, I’ve been baking my salmon in my bench top oven. It’s simple and only takes 12 minutes with minimal mess.

However, I do enjoy crispy skin pan-fried salmon though and now that I have a portable induction hob, getting a really hot pan is simple. I also coat the salmon in flour and this minimises oil splatter because it dries the surface of the salmon.