My thoughts on Floriade 2017

I missed the beginning of Floriade 2017 because I was in Bendigo for the weekend watching Miss 16 compete in the 2017 National Clubs Gymnastics Carnival. For the last few years, I’ve tried to attend Floriade on the first weekend, mainly because it’s less crowded because the bulbs tend not to be as well developed.
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Fishing in Lake Burley Griffin

I have no idea what these blokes will catch but there’s no way I’d eat anything from one of Canberra’s artificial waterways.

Fishing on Lake Burley Griffin Gary Lum
Fishing on Lake Burley Griffin

Hello Sir Robert

I like how the sculptor captured Sir Robert’s face.

Sir Robert Menzies Gary Lum
Sir Robert Menzies

My thoughts on Floriade 2017

The surface area is smaller this year.

The parking is more difficult because the usual parking area is undergoing maintenance. I wonder if this was thought through in advance knowing the parking for Floriade is always tight. I suppose for the ACT Government event management like this is tough.

The nook the gnomes usually occupy was roped off so the gnomes had a new spot. It doesn’t seem to be as ‘cosy’ for the gnomes. There seemed to be fewer gnomes this year.

The biggest change was in the placement of stalls. Usually, the purveyors of various goods and services you find at fetes and carnivals are lumped in one main area so that you can easily go from vendor to vendor. It meant you could get this part of the Floriade experience over and done with in one hit. Not this year though, all the stalls have been scattered and I didn’t notice any particular theme. Given the cost of parking, I didn’t have enough time to visit each and every stall across the entire ‘Floriade footprint’. I expect some people like it that way. I hope it helps for the tourist numbers.

Here is a gallery of photographs. Click on one and then scroll through the gallery.

Captain Cook Memorial Jet

In the ten years I’ve lived in Canberra, I’ve only ever seen the jet running a few times. It has required significant maintenance over the last few years. It’s good to see it working again. I hope it has continued trouble-free operation.

Captain Cook Memorial Jet on Lake Burley Griffin Gary Lum
Captain Cook Memorial Jet on Lake Burley Griffin

Will I go back?

I might, Floriade is ‘free’ in that there is no entry fee. There are parking costs and the prices of goods and services are way overpriced. I bought a small long black coffee (essentially dirty water) for $4.80. I bet the food is overpriced too.

Is there anything better?

Yes, Tulip Top Gardens is much better but it’s a bit out of the way and there is an entrance fee.

10 Replies to “My thoughts on Floriade 2017”

  1. Last time we visited Canberra we were delighted to see that the water jet was operational again. It has taken a long time for them to complete the maintenance.

    1. Too long in my humble opinion but then most things in Canberra take an age. It’s worse here than in the NT when we joked about NT meaning not today, not tomorrow, not Tuesday, not Thursday, not this week, not that week. In comparison, the NT and Darwin in particular is like living in the future compared with Canberra.

  2. My friends from Melb went to Floriade last night Gary. They enjoyed it. You took some fabulous photos. We just had High Tea at the Burbury Hotel which was nice. Hyatt better I think.

    1. Thanks, Sue, I hope I can get to Floriade again before it’s over for another year.

  3. Capt Cook was truly a world traveler. If it is the same one the Cook Inlet I live near is named after. If so, what journeys that man had in just a little boat with a bunch of sailors.
    Your photographs….absolutely incredible. The flower carpet, the reflecting ball, and the single blooms. Wow!
    Why are all the waterways nasty? Everything seems so pristine and gorgeous and yet..underneath, there is icky stuff.

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